Best Jet HUD NA – Battlefield 4 HUD Glitch

The HUD customization is in for land and air vehicles allowing you to customize the color and more! Too bad this glitch isn’t a settings option!

BF4 Retail Patch – Everything you need to know – Netcode, Chopper Physics, Squad Oblit, and more!

The Battlefield 4 winter patch is here and it is going live to all retail versions. It doesn’t matter what console or generation you play on your Battlefield experience will be drastically different starting today! The developers over at CTE have made various improvements

The Forgotten LMG – U-100 MK5 – Battlefield 4 Rush Gameplay

Today we bust out both the U-100 MK5 lmg and the G36C showcasing a few very underwhelming weapons in Battelfield 4 while trying to defend the resort! Between those two weapons I have over 1500 kills and counting! What are your go to under performing weapons in Battelfield 4?