Xfactors 5960X and 4770k dual gaming setup 2015

Today we breakdown my 5960X gaming/rendering rig and the 4770k streaming PC and everything in between. The 5960X is overclocked to 4.3 and features and EVGA X99 mobo, EVGA 1200W platinum power supply, 32GB of Corsair ram and a EVGA 780ti superclocked along with a 500GB EVO 850

EVGA X99 MOBO and EVGA 1200 P2 PSU unboxing -5960X Monster Build

This is an unboxing of the EVGA Classified X99 Mobo and the EVGA 1200w Platinum grade power supply as part of a partially sponsored build thanks to EVGA. On top of that I showcase and cover what else will be going into the build from my current gaming/rendering PC and the other