Neebs and Xfactor take on the world! Busting out of an all cap!!

Who are you going to call when your team is getting all capped and you are down several hundred tickets? Call Neebs and Xfactor today! The MLG gameplay of Neebs and the non stop PTFO from Xfactor is the ultimate combination that should be feared by any team! Do not forget to

Battlefield 4 – Epic moments, funnies and failures!

For every epic shot or epic moment there is countless failures! Enjoy a nice mixture of both including some hot new footage post patch! Music: Title: Puppet – Answers (feat. Koo) Video Link: Beatport Download Link:

The 8 BANG – Battlefield 4 livestream moment

Everyone once in awhile I will load up little morsels like this to the website that I might hold onto for another day. With that being said I cannot confirm nor deny the creation of Final UCAV 3.0 Enjoy your weekend!

The chicken, epic tanker and the bow – Battlefield 4 Squad Up

This is some community artwork made by Chi101. He is working on finishing the design and if there is enough demand perhaps we’ll have the front part made into an offical tshirt! This did spark some conversation though along with my brief ride along with a tanker who nailed