PINK POWER COUPLE – Fortnite Duo’s with Jackfrags

Name a more iconic Valentine’s day power couple… Welcome back to some more rounds of Fortnite with Jackfrags and Xfactor!

NO FLY ZONE – Fortnite with Jackfrags and Bongeh

Time to setup a Fortnite no fly zone with Jackfrags and Bongeh of TwoAngryGamersTV. Enjoy as the round gets pretty chaotic towards the end.

VIVA LA MEXICO – Fortnite Adventures

This is two seperate rounds of joining up with Randoms in Fortnite. I made some new friends in Mexico and met another group of gaming buddies. How will we fare?

PLOT TWIST – Fortnite Random Q Challenge

Welcome to another round of Fortnite Squads where I join up with randoms. Today, we have a full group with no mics who also have no wins! Can we make it happen? Also, wait for the plot twist!

RANDOM Q CHALLENGE – Fortnite Squads

The random Q challenge is where you join up squads with randoms and hope for the best. Sometimes you meet some cool people and some times you get people with no mics, no English, can’t hear you or simply have a car wash in the background. Today we feature NyanCat who has

TILTED TERROR – Fortnite Shooting Model Test Mode

The gunplay changes are now live in Fortnite via a limited time mode. This round features a hot drop into Tilted Towers and non stop action with a few community members from the EU.

SHOW BOBS – Battlefield 1 Squad Up

Welcome back to another round of Battlefield 1 with Jackfrags, Matimi0 and Levelcap. We run into a unique player which gave me a laugh or two. Enjoy the round.

DOUBLE MINIGUN MADNESS – Fortnite with Jackfrags

The minigun is now available as a world drop in Fortnite and it is quite the game changer. Enjoy as Jackfrags and I play a few rounds and let the minigun rip!