My Thoughts and Reaction playing the Battlefield 1 Multiplayer

I will be posting my gameplay of the Battlefield 1 multiplayer later on my channel. But, here are some quick thoughts and a concern while playing at the EA Play event.

Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay

This is footage from the Battlefield 1 multiplayer reveal livestream event. Leave your questions down below and I’ll try to answer as many as possible over the next few days.

Rainbow Six Siege – Squad Up Gone Sexual

I simply could not resist editing this round up and I hope you guys get the joke. Too much funny stuff happened and I hope you guys enjoy. Will have some other rounds up soon!

Meet The Hand Cannon – Going Rogue in The Division

Have you met the Hand cannon yet in The Division? Well, a lot of people have and its a blast. This is a DZ 06 craftable called the Double Barrel Sawed Off and it is a pistol of sorts. When this thing is rolled correctly and you equip the right talents it is lights out. * This was

The Balls of Fate – Rainbow Six Siege w/ Friends

It has been a few weeks since I’ve played Rainbow Six Siege with Jackfrags, Matimi0 and Levelcap so I knew a round like this was coming. On vacation so no thumbnail :/

Glaz saves the day – Rainbow Six Siege w/ Matimi0

Here is another round of some Rainbow Siege Six with Matimi0 as we get into a nail biter of a round and I decide to become a carpenter.

No words can explain – Ranked Rainbow Six Siege w/ Friends

Seriously, while playing with Jackfrags, Levelcap and Matimi0 no words can explain what has been said and what has happened. Enjoy.

Repent or Else – Rainbow Six Siege w/ Friends

There are sinners everywhere including in Rainbow Six Siege and they must repent or pay for this sins! Enjoy as Matimi0 gets overtaken by “enemy forces” and we have a little fun while warming up.