Operation Shit Guns – Battlefield 4 Squad Up

Today the Squad Up crew takes on Battlefield 4 and decides to equip some of the shittiest weapons in the game, buckshot shotguns! How will we fare? On top of this there is some pretty epic conversation and anger in the chat! Do not

Surviving the Storm – Battlefield 4 Squad Up

Welcome to this weeks episode of Battlefield 4 Squad Up as I start off taking to the skies trying to shut down a very effective helicopter we ran into the round before! There is a little bit of everything in this round including some infantry and boat play as well as we rap up

The chicken, epic tanker and the bow – Battlefield 4 Squad Up

This is some community artwork made by Chi101. He is working on finishing the design and if there is enough demand perhaps we’ll have the front part made into an offical tshirt! This did spark some conversation though along with my brief ride along with a tanker who nailed


This is an unlisted round of squad up that you cannot find on my YouTube page where we all roll with a gas mask and gas combo. This is a 100 percent MLG PRO certified strat. Enjoy! The entire point of this website is to share all kinds of kick ass content. Not just the stuff I

Epic Shield Strat – Battlefield Hardline Squad Up

Time to dig deep and bust out the epic strats. Grab a shield everyone!