Anything Can Happen – Battlefield 4 Battlefeels

This week the Battlefeels brings you a variety of kills where anything can happen at anytime in Battlefield 4. Enjoy the feels. Artwork by ShadowSix-

What Happened?! – Battlefield 4 Battlefeels

Sorry for the mic quality but my old mic shit the bed. Didn’t realize it till days after gathering this footage. All is fixed now so sit back and enjoy some more crazy Battlefield 4 moments. End Screen by SRGNT Ballistic – Artwork by

Jet Down! – Battlefield 4 Battlefeels

We are back baby and there is some pretty crazy stuff including a tow launcher shot on a strafing jet. Artwork by Shadow6ix –

Cooking with Xfactor – Battlefield 4 Gameplay

Entered into a round of Lockers rush late and there was only one thing to do. Get to the kitchen and put on some cooking lessons! Artwork provided by and

Reaching Out – Battlefield 4 Battlefeels

Got quite a mix of gameplay for this episode of Battlefield 4 from the last few streams including dealing with a group of stream snipers the proper way… Artwork by Shadow6ix –

Turning the Tide – Battlefield 4 Tips and Tricks

Here is another old school tips and tricks commentary. Want more? Give the video a like. Artwork by Shadow6ix –

Nuked – Battlefield 4 Gameplay

Probably wondering where all the Battlefield 4 has been over the weekend? Well, my stockpile got nuked somehow :/ RIP epic moments and commentaries. But, do not worry too much as we return to BF4 starting tonight! Artwork by Shadow6ix –

Battlefeels – Bolt Action, Jet Ski vs Lav, Tows and more – Battlefield 4

Battlefeels for Battlefield 4 this week comes to straight to you from a few rounds from my livestream. Enjoy the video? Don’t forget to leave a comment and a like. Artwork by Shadow6ix –