Anything Can Happen – Battlefield 4 Battlefeels

This week the Battlefeels brings you a variety of kills where anything can happen at anytime in Battlefield 4. Enjoy the feels. Artwork by ShadowSix-

What Happened?! – Battlefield 4 Battlefeels

Sorry for the mic quality but my old mic shit the bed. Didn’t realize it till days after gathering this footage. All is fixed now so sit back and enjoy some more crazy Battlefield 4 moments. End Screen by SRGNT Ballistic – Artwork by

Counter Strike Global Offensive – Seems Legit

I’ve been trying to get back into CSGO and have been using casual to learn maps, spots and make new friends. Seems to be working out so far Some of the conversation in the background had me laughing pretty hard. Enjoy.

Battlefeels – Insane RPG, MLG MAV and more – Battlefield 4

Nothing like some MLG Mav gameplay, the dusterino and some hot rpg action to get those Battlefeels flowing. Enjoy the Battlefield 4 live stream highlights! Check out more amazing artwork by Shadow6ix here – Music “Wagon Wheel” Kevin

Battlefeels – I’m Back Baby! – Battlefield 4

Flying Wookie Tshirt available intentionally for a limited time only – Artwork provided by – Music: Title: Aero Chord – 4U Video Link: Label Channel:

Battlefeels – What had happened was… – Battlefield 4

There is never a dull round in Battlefield 4. Crazy stuff is constantly happening to you and all around. Enjoy the Battlefeels… Check out more thumbnail art by Shadow6ix here Title: Stephen Walking & Hyper Potions – Saturday Morning

Battlefield 4 – Overcome by Battlefeels

No other game evokes the feels like Battlefield 4. There can be beautiful moments and then a split second later the most rage inducing thing you’ve ever seen. Welcome to the Battlefeels. Check out more of Shadow6ix’s work at “Meatball

Bringing the Pain – Dirty Bomb – Skyhammer Timik-47 gameplay

Bout to drop a bomb in Dirty Bomb, the free to play open beta FPS now available on steam. Today we use the bronze loadout for the merc Skyhammer and Proxy and talk about this round and the game in general while I use the Timik-47 and Aerial Marker to bring the pain! EPIC