How to dominate Heligoland Bight – Battlefield 1 New Map

Today we break down how to shut down the land, air and sea featuring the Tankgewehr on Heligoland Bight. Artwork by :

MATIMI0 SHOOT HERE! – Fortnite with Matimi0 & Jackfrags

Been a long time since I’ve played Fortnite and after running into some cheaters in PUBG we decided to give it another go with Matimi0 and Jackfrags.

BLOWN UP – Battlegrounds with Deadmau5

Welcome back to some more PUBG with Deadmau5 as we roll with a three man squad and get into some pretty crazy battles!


Here is an edited up round, which got pretty crazy on ZEEBRUGGE with MugsTV. Really digging the new gunplay updates and added accuracy to the medic rifles


The two new maps for Turning Tides called Heligoland Bight and Zeebrugge are now available to play on CTE for PC. Along with that is a pretty decent infiltrator nerf along with the new TTK patch for the vast majority of weapons. Readup on weapon TTK changes:

ITS WHERE YOU STAND – Battlefield 1

I’ve decided to start grinding a few perks and man it can be tough. This is the “It is where you Stand” Assignment and you need to do 5 of the 6. This grands you, as a medic, a speed boost for you and your target of 20 percent run speed for 8 seconds once you

ELITE VS DREADNOUGHT – Battlefield 1 Epic and Funny Moments

The Battlefield 1 Infiltrator Elite is a threat to land, air and sea. Enjoy some random funny and epic moments as we take down a Dreadnaught, a few airplanes and several Destroyers

SQUAD UP RETURNS – 72 and 0 Gameplay

Okay, OBS messed up again and did not record and left my mic a bit boosted compared to their audio which would of been fixed in editing Good news is that the Squad Up Crew is back with Levelcap, Jackfrags and Matimi0. Enjoy a round where we get a bit spicy with the PRO PIPE.