THE SALT LAUNCHER – Martini-Henry Grenade Launcher Elite Battlefield 1

So after a week of playing Battlefield 1 I finally get the Martini-Henry Grenade Launcher and it is the ultimate salt cannon. Enjoy some highlights from a few rounds while playing with some subs. Artwork by Shadow6ix –

Achi Baba & The m1917 Low Weight – Battlefield 1 DLC

The map Achi Baba is slowly growing on me minus the insane spam. Today we break down some of my thoughts including the m1917 Low Weight which can be lethal if used right. Artwork by Shadow6ix –

THEY HAD THE HIGH GROUND – Fortnite Squad Up Moments

Welcome to some Fortnite moments over the course of a few rounds with Levelcap, Jackfrags and Matimi0.


This video is sponsored by HASTE. Get a two week free trial and improve your hit registration and overall gaming experience now by eliminating packet loss and often times improving your ping! Mirimar could be a lot better but the way loot is distributed and

IM THE WORST – Adventures with Deadmau5

Finally, after a month off, I installed PUBG test and got a few rounds in on the new map. Sadly, this did not benefit Joel :/

Resurrection DLC Campaign – Star Wars Battlefront II (Part 1)

Today we do something new and do a play through of the new DLC single player campaign for Star Wars Battlefront II called Resurrection. If you complete the main single player story this is available for you to complete so be careful there are spoilers.

Battlefield Bad Company 3 Leak & Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Impressions

It has been leaked that the next Battlefield title will be Battlefield Bad company 3. The source is pretty good seeing as they called BF1 way before the annoucement. Half of the Turning Tides DLC is available for Battlefield 1 and I also go over my initial impressions. What are

Battlefeels & Quick Update – Battlefront II

Here is a quick breakdown with what is going on with Star Wars Battlefront II along with a few crazy moments we’ve recorded so far. I really hope EA and DICE get it together not only for this game but for the upcoming titles in 2018 or it could be a rough year. Artwork by