The Filth – Battlefield 1

Sometimes Battlefield can be downright Filthy. Enjoy. Artwork by Shadow6ix – Music by Buku –

Shots Fired – Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 provides countless epic and funny moments. Here are a few from the last few livestreams. Hope you enjoy! Artwork by Shadow6ix –

Ricochets and How It Works – Battlefield 1

The ricochet system is new to Battlefield 1 including an audio and visual cue but that process of damage reduction based on angles has been around awhile in Battlefield. This video breaks it down to help you out! Artwork by Berdu –

The Meat Grinder – Battlefield 1 Fall Patch Gameplay

The Fall Patch is here for Battlefield 1 and there are some massive changes including 64 man operations getting 250 tickets per reinforcement. This has turned a few operations into 1 1/2 to 2 hour slug fests. Enjoy the Meat Grinder with Matimi0, Levelcap, Jackfrags, and Jet.

INSANE – Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is extremely intense and seriously immersive. What happens on the Battlefield can often times be described by one word. Insane. Artwork by Shadow6ix –

The Fortress – Battlefield 1

Where is Fao? Jackfrags and myself need to turn in our quests! Artwork by Shadow6ix –

The Buddy Boost – Battlefield 1

The buddy boost is pretty useful in several spots especially at the ending Fortress in Monte Grappa. Some buddies may get harmed in the process… Music by Buku Check him out here –

The Triple Martini – Battlefield 1

The Martini and Kolibri are back in some hot Battlefield 1 action! What was your favorite part? Get Martini’d shirt avialable for 3 more days – Tshirt and thumbnail created by