The two new maps for Turning Tides called Heligoland Bight and Zeebrugge are now available to play on CTE for PC. Along with that is a pretty decent infiltrator nerf along with the new TTK patch for the vast majority of weapons. Readup on weapon TTK changes:

ITS WHERE YOU STAND – Battlefield 1

I’ve decided to start grinding a few perks and man it can be tough. This is the “It is where you Stand” Assignment and you need to do 5 of the 6. This grands you, as a medic, a speed boost for you and your target of 20 percent run speed for 8 seconds once you

ELITE VS DREADNOUGHT – Battlefield 1 Epic and Funny Moments

The Battlefield 1 Infiltrator Elite is a threat to land, air and sea. Enjoy some random funny and epic moments as we take down a Dreadnaught, a few airplanes and several Destroyers

SQUAD UP RETURNS – 72 and 0 Gameplay

Okay, OBS messed up again and did not record and left my mic a bit boosted compared to their audio which would of been fixed in editing Good news is that the Squad Up Crew is back with Levelcap, Jackfrags and Matimi0. Enjoy a round where we get a bit spicy with the PRO PIPE.

MINI ON FIRE – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with Deadmau5

Here are two seperate rounds playing some more DUOS with Deadmau5. I’m starting to do a bit more sniping since the frames are much smoother and the stutter seems to be gone! Artwork by Shadow6ix – https://twitter.com/Shadow6ix


Thanks to the community for another amazing year. Over the summer we opened up a PO BOX and here is some of the stuff that community members sent in! Want to send us something? Xfactor Gaming 27100 Oakmead Dr Perrysburg, Ohio 43551 Box #224

CLOSE ONE – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with Deadmau5

Forgot to hit record for this round so had to download it from Twitch. Here is a pretty crazy round where Deadmau5 and myself had little to no gear to start and were getting pressed from multiple angles.

THE KING OF ELITES 84-0 – Battlefield 1

Anything is possible with a squad that supports each other! Enjoy a raw round mixing up the M1917 and the Infiltrator Elite class on Achi Baba. HASTE is now available for Battlefield 1. Two week free trial now! http://bit.ly/XFactor_ Artwork by https://twitter.com/CashPlayBF