RANDOM Q CHALLENGE – Fortnite Squads

The random Q challenge is where you join up squads with randoms and hope for the best. Sometimes you meet some cool people and some times you get people with no mics, no English, can’t hear you or simply have a car wash in the background. Today we feature NyanCat who has

TILTED TERROR – Fortnite Shooting Model Test Mode

The gunplay changes are now live in Fortnite via a limited time mode. This round features a hot drop into Tilted Towers and non stop action with a few community members from the EU.

SHOW BOBS – Battlefield 1 Squad Up

Welcome back to another round of Battlefield 1 with Jackfrags, Matimi0 and Levelcap. We run into a unique player which gave me a laugh or two. Enjoy the round.

DOUBLE MINIGUN MADNESS – Fortnite with Jackfrags

The minigun is now available as a world drop in Fortnite and it is quite the game changer. Enjoy as Jackfrags and I play a few rounds and let the minigun rip!

THE BEST GUN – Battlefield 1 TTK Patch

The TTK patch has been live for Battlefield 1 for a few days and there are a few weapons that you might want to take for a spin. For assault try the Ribeyrolles and the Chauchat for support. But, if you want a new go to it might just be the selbstlader m1916 marksman for the

MAN VS DESTROYER – Battlefield 1 Epic and Funny Moments

How many different ways can you take down a Destroyer in Battlefield 1? Find out now! This is a mixture of CTE footage where the TTK patch is live and of course live which is the normal balance. Artwork by Shadow6ix- https://twitter.com/Shadow6ix/media

ULTIMATE TEAMWORK – Fortnite with Jackfrags & Matimi0

This is one of my first rounds back in Fortnite after taking some time off with Jackfrags and Matimi0 and it gets crazy!


You can actually play football or soccer depending on where you are in two seperate spots on the new match. The board will even keep score but be careful as the rest of the game doesn’t stop! Can you pull off the Football stratagey and the win? TAG –