THE BEST GUN – Battlefield 1 TTK Patch

The TTK patch has been live for Battlefield 1 for a few days and there are a few weapons that you might want to take for a spin. For assault try the Ribeyrolles and the Chauchat for support. But, if you want a new go to it might just be the selbstlader m1916 marksman for the

MAN VS DESTROYER – Battlefield 1 Epic and Funny Moments

How many different ways can you take down a Destroyer in Battlefield 1? Find out now! This is a mixture of CTE footage where the TTK patch is live and of course live which is the normal balance. Artwork by Shadow6ix-

ULTIMATE TEAMWORK – Fortnite with Jackfrags & Matimi0

This is one of my first rounds back in Fortnite after taking some time off with Jackfrags and Matimi0 and it gets crazy!


You can actually play football or soccer depending on where you are in two seperate spots on the new match. The board will even keep score but be careful as the rest of the game doesn’t stop! Can you pull off the Football stratagey and the win? TAG –

How to dominate Heligoland Bight – Battlefield 1 New Map

Today we break down how to shut down the land, air and sea featuring the Tankgewehr on Heligoland Bight. Artwork by :

MATIMI0 SHOOT HERE! – Fortnite with Matimi0 & Jackfrags

Been a long time since I’ve played Fortnite and after running into some cheaters in PUBG we decided to give it another go with Matimi0 and Jackfrags.

BLOWN UP – Battlegrounds with Deadmau5

Welcome back to some more PUBG with Deadmau5 as we roll with a three man squad and get into some pretty crazy battles!


Here is an edited up round, which got pretty crazy on ZEEBRUGGE with MugsTV. Really digging the new gunplay updates and added accuracy to the medic rifles