Stormy Strategy – Fortnite 50v50

The new 50v50 game mode is available in Fortnite and it is a bit laggy, warpy and buggy when it comes to eliminations. With that said it is a lot of fun and there are two ways to win! The first is to eliminate the enemy team. The second is to pull the campfire storm strat!

BLITZ MANIA MEGA BASE – Fortnite New Game Mode

Fortnite has a new game mode called Blitz available for solos and squads. The rounds are about 16 minutes, the first circle is already in and the storm burns a lot worse once you get 2 or 3 circles in.

Fortnite Supply Llamas SECRET LOCATIONS – Remote C4 Destruction

Played a ton of rounds of Fornite today getting a few kills with C4 and came across 5 supply llamas. After long dropping everywhere I found 5 in and within 200 meters of Moisty Mire. Happy hunting friends!

Team Elimination – Fortnite with Matimi0 and Jackfrags

Jackfrags and Matimi0 find the beauty of 20 versus mode in Fortnite. Sheer chaos! I run the assassin loadout with a scoped AR for overwatch

4 Versus 44 – Fortnite Madness

One of the many come backs from today that most people missed due to my stream dumping out!

20 VERSUS 20’s IS MADNESS – Fortnite New Game Mode

The new Limited Time Mode is now available in Fortnite and it pits 5 teams of 20 against each other and is madness. Not only are the drops insane but the time between circles in MUCH SHORTER!

SEXY DINO POSE – Fornite with StoneMountain64

Had to pick up the T-Rex aka Dino skin in Fortnite along with the sexy man pose. Pretty sure Fortnite owes the Battlefield Friends some royalties… Enjoy as we play a few rounds with StoneMountain64

LUCKY LANDING NEW TOWN HOT DROP – Fortnite with Jackfrags & TAG

Lucky Landing is a new town on the very southern most part of map now available in Fortnite. Bongeh and I take a quick hot drop and we play a round of Squads with Jackfrags and TAG.