Strange Brigade Gameplay – 4 person co-op adventure

Strange Brigade is a co-op, adventure, third person shooter and is pretty enjoyable game. Unless you are griefing your friends This video is sponosored by Rebellion and The Strange Brigade Strange Brigade comes out August 28th on PS4, PC and Xbox 1

IM BACK – Battlefield V Alpha – Thoughts and Impressions

Battlefield V closed Alpha has arrived and I go over some of my initial thoughts and impressions. This COULD be one of the best Battlefields we have had in some time but there are some issues which could the game back. What are your thoughts?

Meet DieLAN – 10 Year old Fortnite Phenom

Most of you know I spend half of my time playing with randoms. Well, a month or so ago we played a round and now we frequently play together. He wants to be a big YouTuber and maybe even a pro gamer some day.. Want to make his day? Sub to his channel.

EPIC LOOT PIT – Insane Fortnite Round with Baron Von Games

Today we played some Fortnite with Baron Von Games and had a monster 50v50 come back round. We were down quite a few people, created a loot pit of death and made a nice comeback!

The Most Insane New Roller Coaster for 2018 – Cedar Point Steel Vengeance POV & Reaction

Steel Vengeance is the newest ride at Cedar Point for 2018 and it is breaking all kinds of records as a Hyper-Hybrid Coaster. 205 feet tall, 74 miles per hour, 90 degree drop, 4 inversions, 5740 feet long and 27.2 seconds of air time. After riding in almost every seat the ride is

Stormy Strategy – Fortnite 50v50

The new 50v50 game mode is available in Fortnite and it is a bit laggy, warpy and buggy when it comes to eliminations. With that said it is a lot of fun and there are two ways to win! The first is to eliminate the enemy team. The second is to pull the campfire storm strat!

BLITZ MANIA MEGA BASE – Fortnite New Game Mode

Fortnite has a new game mode called Blitz available for solos and squads. The rounds are about 16 minutes, the first circle is already in and the storm burns a lot worse once you get 2 or 3 circles in.

Fortnite Supply Llamas SECRET LOCATIONS – Remote C4 Destruction

Played a ton of rounds of Fornite today getting a few kills with C4 and came across 5 supply llamas. After long dropping everywhere I found 5 in and within 200 meters of Moisty Mire. Happy hunting friends!